Where the Gospel of the Rauschmonstrum Comes From

I was raised Catholic, and my family went to church most Sundays up until I was in college, by which point none of us thought it was worth the time or effort anymore. It was during my junior year of high school when I decided I no longer believed in God, but I didn’t tell my parents at the time because that likely would have been an awkward moment. And so, during the time we continued to go to church I would zone out and daydream (what most people do anyway while there, I’m sure).

One day in church I was daydreaming while the priest was reading a passage from one of the gospels. As he read, the image of a dark figure accosting Jesus popped into my consciousness. This character spoke in an ominous tone and could shape shift at will. When mass was over and we went home, that character would not leave my mind. He and Jesus would engage in dialogues in my head and their contrasting natures were sublime.

As it often is for me, once an idea makes its way into my brain, it doesn’t take long for it to germinate into a fully fledged story idea. I wanted this character to have an otherworldly sounding name, and German words were something which always sounded that way to me. I translated some words to German, found the ones I liked the best, stuck them together, and voila the Rauschmonstrum was born!

—{The Rauschmonstrum’s Press Agent}—

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