The Rauschmonstrum, E-Prime, and a Call to Storm the Public Domain

In college I became a fan of the writer and philosopher Robert Anton Wilson.  One of the more intriguing ideas he introduced  me to is “maybe logic” and “E-Prime.” E-Prime is English in which the word “is” is done away with.

In example:

1A. John is lethargic and unhappy.

1B. John appears lethargic and unhappy.


2A. John is bright and cheerful.

2B. John appears bright and cheerful.


3A. This is a fascist idea.

3B. This seems like a fascist idea to me.


Wilson’s advocacy for using E-Prime was because he felt it caused people to express less certainty in their words, which in turn would lead to people having less certainty in their thoughts, all of which would lead to people having more flexible minds. A video of Wilson explaining this idea is below.


I believe our pal the Rauschmonstrum relates quite a bit to Wilson’s ideas, since the Rauschmonstrum’s purpose is to serve as a symbol of fluidity and chaos. Inserting him into a narrative causes the narrative to lapse into chaos, which is just the way I like it.

If I had unlimited time I would take thousands of pieces of public domain literature and rework them so that they were Rauschmonstrumified. Alas, I do not have enough time to do this. Therefore I call upon you, my loyal Rausch Pals to help in this task.  Storm the public domain by force and deface it with Rauschmonstrum infused revisions.  If you are particularly proud of what you have created, send them to me.

Suggestion: Start with the holy books, I’ve already done the Gospels so make your way to the other ones.

—The Rauschmonstrum’s Press Agent—



The Rauschmonstrum As Graffiti

As some of you have seen on the Rauschmonstrum’s Tumblr and Pinterest I have drawn what may be referred to as “Rauschmonstrum Graffiti,” taking paintings (public domain of course) and drawing in crude images of our friend the Rauschmonstrum. My favorite of the ones I have done so far serves as the front cover of my book.

The Rauschmonstrum is very easy to draw , which is essential because I am a terrible drawer. I find he always looks awkward in these paintings, yet also in a strange way seems to fit in. I welcome you to take part in your own forms of Rauschmonstrum Graffiti and post them all over the web.

—{The Rauschmonstrum’s Press Agent}—