The Rauschmonstrum and Situationism


I’ve been reading about Situationism and Guy Debord’s work “Society and the Spectacle.” It got me thinking how my character. The Rauschmonstrum fits into this philosophy, particularly the concept of detournement. Namely, both of them exist for the purpose of chaos.

Detournement is French for “hijacking.” In Situationism it refers to the process by which previously created pieces of art are altered so that their new purpose is counter to what their original purpose was. When I wrote my book “The Gospel of the Rauschmonstrum,” I had never heard of Situationism or any of the concepts associated with it before. However my purposes for writing it were very similar to why people use the detournement technique.  I wanted to use The Rauschmonstrum to turn the Gospels, and the whole Christian narrative against itself.  I wanted to expose its flaws and make the mythological aspects of the story more apparent by injecting it full of a myth of my own creation. 

I have also inserted the image of the Rauschmonstrum into previously created paintings, as well as photographs of different famous people. I think of this as Rausch Grafitti.

rauschmonstrum-jacknicholson      rauschmonstrum-napoleon

The fact that the Rauschmonstrum is extremely crudely drawn is not lost on me; it’s kind of the point. His grin is just too much! To me it all has a “Memento Mori”-ish quality, which suits him.  On top of all this, he’s pretty easy to draw this way.

I never liked the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and so I revised into it my own “Rauschmonstrum Remixed” version in order to flip the entire story on its head. I plan on doing this to other previous pieces of literature for further “Rauschmonstrum Remixes.” I think the Rauschmonstrum could really liven up the books “Dracula” and “Frankenstein,” and due to ol’ Rausch’s characteristics as a shape shifter and immortal, the possibilities are endless.

Ultimately my wish is for others to use the Rauschmonstrum for similar purposes on their own. In this way, the Rauschmonstrum will play a sizable role in “disrupting the flow of the spectacle” which is everything detournement is meant to do.


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