A Post Where I Apologize For Some Arrogance

In a previous post I said Donald Trump’s campaign was dead in the water.  This was shortly after the “Grab ‘Em by the Pussy” tapes were released, when many other folks were writing obituaries for the campaign. (That’s still no excuse for me to make the same mistake)  Anyway, I was wrong and so I must apologize.  Donald, you ran the craziest campaign of all time and now you’ve pulled off the greatest political upset of all time, (Dewey vs. Truman is overrated) you deserve props, at least for that.  In this piece I will explore further some of the things I mentioned in my previous blog on Trump.

When I think of the words “The Trump Campaign” my mind is filled with images of Trump at his rallies in his red hat, shouting whatever comes to his mind, along with this are memories of him tearing down “Low Energy” Jeb, “Lying” Ted, and “Little” Marco.  I also think about him telling Clinton she was “WRONG” and that if he won he would put her in jail.  What an insane campaign.

For most of his life, the Donald hung out with A-List celebrities, but none of those people would dare be seen with him after he started his campaign, and instead it was Clinton who was getting to hang out with the top Hollywood players.  The working class folks of Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin certainly noticed how Trump had left the winner’s circle in order to be with them, and that may have been what carried him over the top on Election Day.  The Manhattan billionaire spurned polite society to become an outlaw.  If he had lost he wouldn’t have been able to return to their ranks. He did so many things which would have destroyed anybody else, yet here he is.  There’s gotta be something to be said about that.

One of my main points in my “Trump’s Death Drive” blog was on our overexposure to information.  My quote was “The more information is out there, the harder it is to discern lies from reality. It is this quality which makes the modern world the perfect lair for The Donald.” What I didn’t go into was the divide between the mainstream media and the “not so mainstream” media.  CNN is a good standard bearer for everything the mainstream media represents, and on the “not so mainstream” media side we should look towards Breitbart.  

Our friend Steve Bannon (I shall refer to him as “our friend” here because why call him something else and risk his wrath?) made his triumphant arrival into the national spotlight by heading the Trump campaign’s during its last couple months, and in the process he was able to take his fringe right wing website and place it head to head against CNN, the NY Times, and all the other respectable media institutions.  Who won? Bannon’s victory in the propaganda department may actually be more important than Trump’s victory in the political department.  I predict Breitbart will in the coming years be considered a more and more legitimate place to get your information while CNN, the NY Times, and all the others will be treated less and less so.  This is the chaos Trump and Bannon have wrought. 

In my previous blog I said “Trump’s gambit as that truth is absolutely irrelevant, that it is something which had a good run and should now be put out to pasture.” I went on to say that Trump was just a tad wrong about truth being dead, but back then I thought he would lose! Trump won! Truth may actually be dead! What have we done?

This takes us once again to the subject of death drive.  Trump ran a campaign where he always teetered on the edge of going too far and destroying himself. Yet somehow, that didn’t happen. He has become a triumphant political force, the likes of which we have never seen before in American history.  In my previous post I said that the problem with running a campaign on death drive is you are fated to failure, but that didn’t happen! Now let’s see what Donald can do with this.

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