Interviews With the Rauschmonstrum

Hello Rausch Pals,

I’m filled with glee to announce I will be putting together a new Rauschmonstrum book. It’ll be called “Interviews With the Rauschmonstrum” and it will consist of a series of interviews done of the Rauschmonstrum by different famous interviewers over the years, everyone from Mike Wallace to William Buckley to Dick Cavett to Charlie Rose to Jimmy Fallon. This’ll give me the opportunity to put my love of interview shows to use, and to write in the voice of my favorite interviewers. It should be a fun project.

I shall be writing it at the same time as “Interviews With Dick LaGorry” where I use the same concept for a con-man, huckster, charlatan, and avant-garde artist character I created and played in an unfinished feature film “The Legend of Dick LaGorry.” I’m sure all you Rausch Pals will also like Dick LaGorry as you get to know him.

My Best Regards,

The Rauschmonstrum’s Press Agent 


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