A Little Bit About Our Friend the Rauschmonstrum Before We Start

Hia folks, here is the introduction for the soon to be released Interviews With the Rauschmonstrum!

A Little Bit About Our Friend the Rauschmonstrum Before We Start

       The Rauschmonstrum is a shapeshifting monster who manipulates humanity from time to time to suit his desires.  Physically, he resembles a cloud of smoke.  If there’s a historical event of any note there’s a good shot he had something to do with it.  For most of mankind’s history he kept his existence a secret. However, this was to change in the twentieth century.

       Shortly after the end of World War II the Rauschmonstrum could be seen popping up at American and British military functions in Allied-occupied Germany.  Some photographs taken at these events show the remnants of his Cheshire Cat grin as he was in the process of disappearing from view.  Many American and European politicians began meeting with him.  They did this secretly for the most part, but on occasion he was spoken about in print interviews as “my friend Ol’ Rausch,” or “my acquaintance Ol’ Rausch.”  The pubic began to wonder who this “Ol’ Rausch” was after President Truman made a quip about him at a press conference in 1953 shortly before leaving office in an apparent slip of the tongue. 

       Then in 1957 a book entitled Jesus & Me was published under the name The Rauschmonstrum.  It told the story of a shapeshifting monster who lead Jesus of Nazareth throughout his life, tricking him into believing he was the son of God, when he was in reality just an altruistic man with a heightened sense of mania and a Messiah complex.  This book was completely ignored at first, but then became regionally famous in the Southern United States after certain Fundamentalist Christian preachers began organizing book burnings of it.  As these things often go, the vitriol expressed against Jesus & Me gave it increased attention and popularity elsewhere.  By the following year, it was the number one bestseller in the world, and held that position into the next decade. 

       It stands to reason people wondered who the author was.  There was no information about him at all other than his name at the bottom of the book cover. Naturally, rumors began to spread about his identity, such as that The Rauschmonstrum was really just a pseudonym for Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, or John Dos Passos. Many people made false claims about being the author as well.  Finally, in 1959, the Rauschmonstrum had his first interview, appearing on the ABC program The Mike Wallace Interview on June 6th. The world was quite literally never the same.


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